Helping Hands – Senior Dining Program

Where Community dines together, regardless of ability to pay. And those who can, pay it forward.


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Helping Hands Program 

Be sure and check our our Newsletter (click the NEWS icon at the top of the page) for detailed program description. Many of them are free. Appointment may be required. 

Our Seniors Need Your Help 

During these times of uncertainty, due to Covid19, many of us are feeling anxious and are concerned for those most vulnerable, people over 60 years old, and individuals with underlying health conditions. Many of our seniors are concerned about leaving the house. While many of our seniors have family and a large social support system, many do not. Our isolated seniors do not have family members and neighbors who are able to help them during these difficult times. 

If you need assistance or would like to offer assistance, please contact Michelle Reitan at (425) 954-2523. You may also email me . 

Another way you can help is through financial assistance. We have established a “Helping Hands Fund”. The contributions will be used to help purchase food and other needed items. If you would like to make a donation to our Helping Hands Fund please click this link

Direct mail donations are also welcome by sending to PO Box 717, Edmonds, WA 98020. Please indicate “Helping Hands Fund” on your check. 

Even in less stressful times, seniors experience social isolation and loneliness. These experiences increase in times like these. Remember to look out for the seniors within our community. Please consider reaching out and checking in on them with a simple phone call or other friendly means to let them know you are thinking of, and caring for, them. Thank You! 

Michelle Reitan, MSW
Edmonds Senior Center

Lunch Program

EWC Community Café

The Edmonds Waterfront Center has always been committed to addressing food insecurity among seniors. During the pandemic, we delivered more than 9,000 free lunches to seniors at their homes. We are excited to continue offering a subsidized lunch program for seniors at the Potlatch Bistro!

Our Community Cafe Program is based on a Community Café model. Community members order off the Potlatch Bistro market price menu and dine together with those who are participating in the Community Cafe Lunch Program. Attending the Bistro offers an opportunity to meet new or old friends and engage in social activities while enjoying a nutritious (and delicious!) meal.

Community members can pay it forward by making a contribution that will help pay for lunch for seniors who cannot afford it. We will gratefully accept your donation at the reception desk, or you can contribute to our Helping Hands Fund by clicking this link. Direct mail donations are also welcome by sending to PO Box 717, Edmonds, WA 98020. Please indicate “Helping Hands Fund” on your check. 

You can register for the Community Cafe Program at the upstairs reception desk. We request a contribution to help offset the $15.00 per meal cost. Some can contribute to the full cost and others less. We ask that people donate what they feel is appropriate for their budget. 

Eligibility requirements include:

  • A current Senior Lunch Program Registration form on file with EWC
  • Live in South Snohomish County / North Seattle
  • Diner must be present to receive meal (take out or dine-in)
  • Program is for those 60 and older; ID is required upon request
  • One Senior Lunch meal is allotted per person, per day

For more information about eligibility and other requirements, please contact Michelle Reitan at (425) 954-2523 or email.