Building the way.

The Edmonds Senior Center committees meet on a regular basis to ensure the smooth operation of it’s facilities. All committees are chaired by Board Members who bring a dedication and passion to helping our seniors and the entire community.


Board of Directors
Gary Haakenson, President
Third Wednesday, 3:00pm

Carol Kinney, Chair
Meets as needed

Julaine Fleetwood, Chair
Meets as needed

Board Development
David Schaefer, Chair
Meets as needed

Building, Facilities & Transportation
Chuck Fritz, Chair
Second Tuesday, 9:00am

Capital Campaign
Gary Haakenson
Rose Cantwell
Diane Buckshnis
Second Thursday, 2:00pm

Gary Haakenson, President
First Tuesday, 10:00am

Patsy Ethridge-Neal, Chair
Second Thursday, 1:00pm

Bob Gould, Chair
Meets as needed

Health & Wellness
Margaret Mesaros, Chair
Third Tuesday, 9:30am

Marketing, Public Relations and Membership
Candy Gaul, Chair Karen Shiveley & Alma Ohtomo, Co-Chairs
Meets as needed

New Programs
Diane Cutts, Chair
3rd Monday, 10:30am

Strategic Planning
Steve Shelton, Chair
First Tuesday, 9:00am