The recent surge in COVID infections, fueled by the delta variant, led the Snohomish County Health Department to issue the first indoor mask mandate in the State. Taking affect 8/12/21, all residents 5 and over must wear face coverings indoors, whether fully vaccinated or not. Health officials are discouraging indoor congregate gatherings.

As a result we are making the following changes effective immediately:

Vaccine and Mask Policy  – masks are required while in the EWC, unless you are eating at the bistro or working alone in an office. Proof of vaccines will be required for all participants in programs, activities and field trips.

COVID Vaccines

On January 22nd the Edmonds Senior Center, in partnership with the Snohomish Health District and Anesis Spine & Pain Care, offered a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. One hundred vaccines were administered by a team of nurses to vulnerable seniors and essential volunteers who are members of the Senior Center.

We do not know if or when we will get additional vaccines. We are working with the Snohomish County Health District on getting designated as a community COVID Vaccine Site. This is an involved process with no guarantees. We recommend you contact your healthcare professional about getting a vaccine. We will contact members and make a public announcement if we offer another clinic.

You can check on availability for drive-thru vaccine sites here

COVID Vaccine Hotline
(425) 339-5278

For those without a computer or internet access, the Snohomish Health District call center is available to help with appointments at 425.339.5279.

Health & Wellness

*Available in person or via Zoom

Enhance Wellness is a free, award winning, health management program designed to use you as the expert on changes you choose to make in your life. While working with a registered nurse or social worker, you will learn strategies for making positive choices to improve your physical well-being. We have received a grant from the Verdant Health Commission that enables us to have a part-time nurse and full-time social worker here at the Center. The nurse and social worker work with seniors to define an individual personal wellness plan and then monitor their progress. Please call Michelle Reitan, MSW, or Sue Shearer, RN, BSN, to get started or for more information at 425.774.5555 ext 105 for Michelle R. and ext 113 for Sue.

PEARLS for Older Adults
*Call for Appointment

The PEARLS Program is a highly effective method designed to reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life in older adults. During six to eight in-home sessions that take place in the client’s home and focus on brief behavioral techniques, PEARLS Program counselors empower individuals to take action and to make lasting changes so that they can lead more active and rewarding lives. Please call Michelle Reitan, MSW for more information at 425.774.5555 ext 105. Enhance Wellness and PEARLS for Older Adults is made possible by a generous grant from the Verdant Health Commission.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health on-site clinic
*Available for in person visits or via Zoom

We are excited to be able to provide the Bastyr Center for Natural Health clinic on-site at our Center. The clinic provides naturopathic medicine to seniors and is open to people of all ages. Treatments may include dietary and lifestyle counseling and education, hands-on physical therapies, and herbal and nutritional supplements. Download the Bastyr New Patient Packet.

Our clinic is open for two shifts, Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning, and involves 4 senior Bastyr University students along with with a Faculty Advisor and Resident for each shift. Our current faculty advisor is Dr. Laurie Cullen, MS, ND. Generally each student is able to see up to 3 patients per day, in consultation with the faculty advisor. First office visits are scheduled for 90 minutes and will involve obtaining a full history of the patient. All follow up visits are 60 minutes in length.

The clinic is open on Tuesday for in-person appointments or virtual appointments via Zoom at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm and on Thursday for in-person appointments at 8:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am. You MUST schedule an appointment to to be seen. Please call 425.774.5555 ext 119 to schedule an appointment. The cost is $15 for each visit and is paid to the Edmonds Senior Center to help offset the costs associated with offering this program. This fee can be waived if it presents a financial hardship for the patient.

Natural Approach

The Bastyr Center for Natural Health providers explore issues such as lifestyle, history and diet from a holistic perspective. Experts on prevention and the self-healing process, they blend centuries-old knowledge of natural therapies with current research on health and human systems. Natural health care is particularly effective for the prevention of, and relief from, chronic and degenerative health conditions.

Commonly Treated Conditions Include:

  • Fatigue
  • Colds and the flu
  • Stress-related conditions
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Allergies and asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Ulcers

Working with Medical Doctors

Most importantly, practitioners help patients become partners in their own health care, teaching them how to gain control of their health and encouraging them to actively make decisions regarding their care.

Graduate students studying naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and nutrition provide hands-on patient care experience at the clinic through our Team Care model. Patients in Team Care see a licensed practitioner and two to three advanced student clinicians who ensure individualized treatments and generous practitioner time.

Treatments can include cranial sacral and visceral manipulation.

Each First Office Call visit is 90 minutes in length and a full medical history will be taken. Each follow-up visit is 60 minutes in length. Please call 425.774.5555 ext 119 to make an appointment.

Foot Care Clinic
*Scheduling appointments now

We have licensed nurses who provide foot care services on select Wednesdays. The fee is $30 per session. Please call
425.678.3664 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Your Routine Foot Care Session Will Include:

  • Foot care provided by skilled, experienced RN’s who are licensed, insured and vetted.
  • All nurses are foot care specialists; some certified in foot care; and some have ARNP experience.
  • All foot care nurses are trained by a podiatrist and supervised by a foot care nurse instructor / preceptor who is a full-time member
    of our ESC Foot Clinic Team.
  • Nurses keep their skills and knowledge current outside of ESC by doing foot care in private practice or volunteering.
  • The Foot Care Clinic uses state of the art equipment and supplies that are selected for your comfort and safety.

‘Routine foot care’ includes:

  • Reduction of length & thickness of toenail, corn or callus
  • Removal of a part of ingrowing nail that is causing an irritation
  • Moisturizing of lower legs and a lotion foot rub
  • Referral assistance to an appropriate provider for conditions outside the scope of practice of this clinic

Thank you for continuing to put your feet in our hands. It is our goal to provide exceptional, professional foot care at an affordable rate.

ALL clients are welcome: members, non-members, seniors, non-seniors, all levels of foot care needs