Cecil’s is one of many lives touched by the EWC.

As a multigenerational, multicultural center we are committed to bringing generations together and helping people thrive! The EWC has fast become a hub for connecting, for community health, education, art, and a venue for life’s celebrations. Now, 2 ½ years after offering our first programs in the new center, we are finding our stride. The membership just crossed a record setting, 4,000 members. Community members are embracing our more than 70 programs that promote active, healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on building social connections. For many, the EWC has served as a lifeline. Any donation, big or small, will help us to continue to offer our vital programs. DONATE HERE

Edmonds Author & Speaker Series: Day Hiking Central Cascades with author Craig Romano

MARCH 5, 2024 at 6:30pm.
Cost is $7.50 per person, walk-ins are also welcome.
Come take a slideshow hiking tour of Washington’s breathtaking Central Cascades with award winning guidebook author Craig Romano. Drawing from his newly released Second Edition Day Hiking Central Cascades (Mountaineers Books); Craig will introduce you to a diverse array of trails along the Stevens Pass US 2 corridor, the Icicle River Valley, Lake Wenatchee area, Blewett Pass, Wenatchee foothills, lightly-hiked Entiat River Valley, and Lake Chelan area including the remote Stehekin Valley.
Craig hiked more than 2000 miles researching this book from easy nature trails to wilderness romps. This all new completely revised, and updated volume contains 136 hikes, including many found in no other guidebooks. Many of the hikes from the previous edition have been greatly expanded providing for even more hiking opportunities.
2024 MLK Tribute
Intergenerational Trivia Night
Oktoberfest Dinner
Annual Gala & Auction
Thrift Store Fashion Show
Brazilian Dance Event
Sand Sculpture Contest
Juneteenth at the Beach

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Edmonds Waterfront Center Q & A

What is currently being offered in the building?

  • Social & Recreation Programs: Dance, discussion groups, art classes, language clubs, game room, field trips, and more. Intergenerational activities such as trivia, book groups, drama, and music are also available.
  • Health & Wellness Programs: Exercise classes, healthy living workshops and coaching, foot care, counseling, Bastyr Center for Natural Health On-site Clinic and blood pressure checks.
  • SHIBA & Medicare: Trained, volunteer advisors will help you understand your insurance rights and options and offer up-to-date information (free & confidential). 
  • Rotating Art Exhibits: Native art is displayed throughout the building, along with a rotating exhibit of local artists in the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation Gallery Wing on the first floor.
  • Senior Cafe Lunch Program: Provides a lunch for seniors needing extra help to address food insecurity.
  • Shore Pine Coffee & Gelato: Offering breakfast options as well as grab-and-go lunch items. Enjoy your food in the banquet room for amazing views and live music. Open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Private Events: The venue is available for weddings, memorials, birthday parties, and other special events on Friday evenings and weekends. For more information Click Here or call (425) 363-8517.

Change in Food Service Model at the Edmonds Waterfront Center

Why did the Potlatch Bistro close?

  • Rising food and labor costs made the Potlatch Bistro unsustainable.
  • We remain committed to addressing food insecurity and isolation among seniors by providing a daily lunch.

What will the lunch program look like going forward?

  • Box lunches are being provided for seniors who are registered for the program.  Participants are asked to donate toward the cost.
  • An expanded menu of grab-and-go lunch options is being offered at Shore Pine for the public.
  • The banquet room will continue to offer seating, live music, and Sound and ferry views.

When will hot lunches come back? Friday, January 5th

The Edmonds Waterfront Community Café model is a partnership between Shore Pine and the Edmonds Waterfront Center (EWC). The Community Café model brings EVERYONE together in the Edmonds area. Within this model, there is the Senior Café for anyone 60 years or older who would benefit from socialization and/or may experience food insecurity.  This popular program goes to the heart of our mission.  We are committed to promoting social connections and helping seniors get their required daily nutrition. Your participation creates a warm, social environment where everyone connects and supports each other.  

The Senior Café is for any senior 60+ who has one or more of the following:

  • A desire to enhance social connections
  • A lack of consistent access to enough food and experience hunger
  • The inability to shop for ingredients, and/or prepare and cook a meal
  • Needs access to a nutritious well-proportioned meal
  • A fixed income
  • Vulnerable to isolation
  • The meal is $10 per person
  • Please consider supporting those who are experiencing food insecurity and pay more than $10.
  • *If cost is a barrier, please contact Michelle Reitan, she is happy to discuss accommodation.  Check the box beneath the signature on the next page.  Note, you will need to provide income verification with either SSI validation -OR- a 2022 or 2023 income tax return showing adjusted gross income.
  • If you do not wish to join the Senior Café, you may purchase from Shore Pine Coffee located in the lobby.

Why does the sign say EWC Community Café?

  • Since opening our doors in March 2021, the Edmonds Waterfront Center has operated a “community café” model where seniors needing extra help get a subsidized meal and the public pays a market price for lunch.
  • Everyone dines together in the banquet room, optimizing social connections and community engagement.

Is membership required? 

No, Membership is not required to visit or participate in programs at the Waterfront Center, but after you hear about the benefits of membership you will want to join. Anyone can join.

  • Discounts on classes and events
  • $1 drip coffee at the Coffee Kiosk
  • 10% off all regular priced items at the Thrift Store
  • $5 off Community Breakfast
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Belonging to a dynamic group committed to building social connections and strengthening the community.
  • Memberships are 12 months from the date of sign up! Sign up online

How much does it cost join?

  • $35 / year for an individual
  • $55 / year for a couple
  • $70 / year for a family (two adults and minor children)
  • $125 / year for a Business

Member and Guest Grievance Procedures

Edmonds Waterfront Center (The Center) has established procedures through which a member or guest may present grievances concerning the activities of The Center or the Thrift Store related to service delivery. The Center shall record and maintain in writing all grievances and actions taken to resolve them. The following procedure is taken in resolving a grievance:

a. The member or guest shall discuss the grievance with an attentive staff member.

b.   If the grievance remains unsolved, the member or guest may request a meeting with the CEO. The CEO shall discuss the grievance with the member within two (2) working days after the request for a meeting.

c. If the grievance continues unresolved, the member or guest may request a hearing before the Personnel Committee of the Board of Directors. A hearing will be set up within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the employee’s request.

d. If the grievance remains unresolved, the matter will be brought to the full Board for consideration at the next scheduled Board meeting. 

If the above steps have not resolved your concern, you may call Snohomish County Long-Term Care and Aging at (425) 388-7200 and ask to speak with a Long-Term Care and Aging Supervisor.