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UPDATED 5/01/20



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About COVID-19:





Washington State Dept of Health Website



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As a community organization serving a vulnerable population, The Edmonds Senior Center makes the health and safety of its members and participants a priority. With the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19), we are taking careful preventative measures. Here’s how you can help:

-Stay home if you are sick. If you have or have had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath within the last 24 hours, please stay home.

-Notify us if you get covid-19. If you are confirmed to have covid-19 and have been to ESC recently, please let us know.

-Prevent the spread of germs. Wash hands often and well, cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow, and avoid touching your face.

-Bear with us if cancellations or closures become necessary.


Click Here to Donate to the Helping Hands Fund


Our Seniors Need Your Help

During these times of uncertainty, due to Covid19, many of us are feeling anxious and are concerned for those most vulnerable, people  over 60 years old, and individuals with underlying health conditions. Many of our seniors are concerned about leaving the house. While many of our seniors have family and a large social support system, many do not. Our isolated seniors do not have family members and neighbors who are able to help them during these difficult times.


As the social worker at the Edmonds Senior Center (ESC), I get multiple phone calls a day from concerned seniors and their family members that live in other parts of the country.  The ESC staff, along with other community members, have been discussing ways to help this isolated  group of seniors.  We have decided that we can be a bridge that connects those that need help to those who would like to help.

One way our seniors need assistance is through physical tasks.  This could entail getting groceries, running errands, light yard work, and/or even taking  their garbage can out to the street. Our low-income seniors also need assistance with food and paying for medicine.  To assure safety we are taking two steps.  First, we conduct background checks for all volunteers. Second, we are in regular contact with Verdant Health Commission regarding safest practices to avoid  transmitting  the virus unintentionally.


If you need assistance or would like to offer assistance, please contact

Michelle Reitan at (425) 954-2523.  You may also email me .


Another way you can help is through financial assistance. We have established a  “Helping Hands Fund”. The contributions will be used to help purchase food and other needed items. If you would like to make a donation to our Helping Hands Fund please click this link.


Direct mail donations are also welcome by sending to PO Box 717,

Edmonds, WA 98020. Please indicate "Helping Hands Fund" on your check.


Even in less stressful times, seniors experience social isolation and loneliness. These experiences increase in times like these.  Remember to look out for the seniors within our community.  Please consider reaching out and checking in on them with a simple phone call or other friendly means to let them know you are thinking of, and caring for, them. Thank You!


Michelle Reitan, MSW

Edmonds Senior Center






Re: In response to the COVID-19 Virus Edmonds Senior Center suspends

all Programs and Activities effective Thursday, March 5, 2020


Please call the office with any questions and for updates at 425-774-5555 ext 104





The Edmonds Senior Center has embarked on a journey to replace our failing building. The new Waterfront Center will offer the same dynamic programs that our members love most as well as expanded intergenerational opportunities and City Parks classes and activities - all under one roof!





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Construction restarts!

Watch the video HERE


Window and roof installation

See the video HERE


Seven months since demolition ~ We have come a long way! 

See the latest video HERE


The crane arrives and the beams are being put in place!

Watch the video HERE


Programs continue to thrive!

Watch the latest update HERE


The steel columns are going up!

Check out the video here HERE


The Waterfront Center foundation is in!

Check out the video for the Big Pour HERE




Support comes in many different ways - it can be the gift of your time or the gift of resources. Teach a class on your favorite subject, host a trip, lead a band or make a monetary donation. However you choose to donate, your generosity is greatly appreciated.


The new EWC will be a modern 26,000 square foot building that takes full advantage of the breathtaking views of Puget Sound. The Northwest design will incorporate elements of wood, stone and glass that blends with the unique shoreline location. The building will feature a spacious lobby with a two-story wall of glass; a banquet room with commercial kitchen & stage that will seat 240 guests; four large multi-purpose rooms on the second floor with views of the Sound for your favorite programs; five health and wellness clinic rooms; community rooms located on each floor; and prominent first floor location for our beloved Thrift Store.



Exercise, eating healthy and keeping yourself mentally fit is the key to your overall wellbeing.



Volunteering is a meaningful way to make a difference in your community. Volunteers are at the heart of the Edmonds Waterfront Center. Come join us, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities in a variety of sizes.