Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines

Can I check room availability online?
You will need to call the Edmonds Waterfront Center at 425.977.0414 or send an email to check availability.

How many people can you accommodate?
We have rooms that can accommodate group sizes from 10 – 300 people based on the type of event and seating requirements. Please see our room rate and occupancy sheet for additional details.

How do I book a room?
Our booking for the event spaces is first come, first served. We accept applications in person 8am to 5pm Monday- Friday, or via email. A completed application must accompany payment to reserve your event date and event space.

When do I need to pay for my event/room rental?
A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the hourly/rental fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your event date and your venue space. The final payment, including damage deposit and one-time cleaning fee are due 90 days before the event or meeting date. If your event is happening less than 90 days from booking date, payment in full will be due at the time of your reservation. *Catering food minimum deposit is wholly separate from venue rental fees.

What forms of payment may I use?
Fees may be paid by using cash, check, money order and all major credit cards. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for all returned checks. All payments should be mailed to PO Box 717, Edmonds, WA 98020.

What does the damage deposit cover?
Damage deposits are 100% refundable provided all the conditions you agreed to on your rental application are met. Damage deposits are not refundable if at any time you cancel your reservation.

Am I required to use your caterer?
All food served on the first floor of the Edmonds Waterfront Center (excluding wedding cake) must go through our exclusive caterer. Any food or meals served on the second floor for groups of 50 or more must go through our exclusive caterer and food/beverage minimums are in place. You may reach Shooby Catering by calling 425.610.6438 . More information can be found at www.edmondswaterfrontevents.com

What are your catering rules and regulations? May we provide our own food? May we have a potluck?
You are welcome to bring your own prepackaged party platters, boxed lunches or have a potluck for groups of 50 or less on the second floor only. Groups larger than 50 using any second-floor meeting space must purchase food through Shooby Catering. No outside food is permitted in the first-floor banquet hall, flex space or community meeting room. No outside catering services are permitted anywhere in the building. Delivery from outside food vendors is permitted for drop off only. Food preparation by anyone other than Shooby Catering is not permitted anywhere within the Edmonds Waterfront Center. Use of the first floor commercial kitchen is not permitted. The 2nd floor teaching kitchen is for display and demonstration only and is not to be used for cooking or reheating of food by any rental guests. If not using Shooby catering for food or beverage service, an Event Monitor will be provided for you at a rate of $25 per hour in addition to your rental fee.

Do you provide the linens, dishes, serving pieces, etc. for rentals at the Edmonds Waterfront Center?
The Edmonds Waterfront Center does not provide these items. If your event includes food provided by Shooby Catering, catering staff will help you coordinate rental of plates, silverware and glassware and/or specialty items for your event at local rental companies.

What facilities and equipment come with my rental?
Rental of all Edmonds Waterfront Center rooms include use of tables (60″ round or 6′ banquet) and chairs. Some rooms may also include use of the following items: Sound system, projector and screen, and one cordless microphone. Please see complete list of available amenities for each room. Additional items may be available for a fee.

If I’m the renter/contract holder, what are my responsibilities?
Payment for the deposit and rental fees must be paid by the contract holder. The banquet permit and liability insurance (see Insurance Information later in this document) must be in the renter/contract holder’s name. The contract holder must agree to all Edmonds Waterfront Center guidelines and initial/sign in the appropriate places to accept responsibility for the rental. All set up/take down and cleaning of tables and chairs is provided by the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

Can I decorate the facility rental space?
Only freestanding floor and table decorations are permitted. Candles may be used if they are enclosed in a hurricane glass or vase (wick must be 3” below top edge of votive or glass enclosure). Bubbles are permitted outside the building for the “send-off.” Obtain easy release tape from onsite coordinator for taping down floor cords. This tape is not permitted anywhere else in the space. Affixing anything to ceiling, walls, lights, doors, columns or windows is not permitted. Use of dry ice, fog/smoke machines, pinatas, rice, birdseed, glitter, sparklers, confetti, petals (whether real or fake), either inside or outside the Edmonds Waterfront Center is not permitted. The use of chalk on any sidewalk or the patio area is not permitted. Any additional equipment brought in by the renter must be pre-approved by Edmonds Waterfront Center staff and is subject to space availability.

Is the Community Lounge (lobby) part of my rental space?
The Community Lounge and lobby area outside of the first-floor banquet hall can be used for a welcome table and a small sign on an easel. Otherwise, the area is part of the Community Center, which is a public space. Please do not place additional decorations in the Community Lounge or lobby area.

Is the public allowed in the building when I’m holding an event at the Edmonds Waterfront Center?
If your event is during normal operating hours (8AM – 10PM Monday-Thursday, 8AM-4PM Friday), then yes, the public may be in the building. However, the room(s) you rent will be just for your guests – the general public will not be permitted to walk through or use your rented space.

Who is responsible for set-up and clean-up of my event?
Edmonds Waterfront Center personnel will set up the room per your agreement and perform a clean-up after your event. You will need to remove any decorations and other items brought in for your event before the official end of your event. A walk-thru will be done by Edmonds Waterfront Center personnel at the conclusion of your rental; any damage found will be documented and deducted from your damage deposit. A one-time cleaning fee will be assessed in addition to your rental fees.

When do I need to finalize my set-up requirements for my event?
On or about 14 days prior to the date of your event, a walkthrough will be conducted with the contract holder and Edmonds Waterfront Center personnel/Shooby Doo Catering personnel to finalize details for venue set up including placing of tables.

What type of alcohol can we have at our event at the Edmonds Waterfront Center?
Beer, wine, and hard liquor may be served in the building provided the proper permits are on file with the WSLCB or a bartender licensed with the State of Washington is serving the alcohol. Please see alcohol information sheet for specifics on permits, insurance and bartending requirements. Permits and insurance must be in the renter/contract holder’s name. A copy of the permit and/or license must also be provided to the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

Are we allowed to have a DJ or a band?
Yes, DJs and bands are allowed. We do have a sound and lighting system; however, you may want to check with your DJ or band in
terms of equipment they may need to bring in addition to what is provided.

Do you have a stage available for our use?
We have a moveable stage that can be placed anywhere in the room. There is an extra fee to use the stage – Please see rate sheet for details.

May we use barbecue grills or propane tanks to cook food for our event?
No, barbecue cooking is not permitted.

How do I schedule a rehearsal?
You may contact the Rental Coordinator to schedule a dress rehearsal provided all rental fees have been paid in full. The time of the one-hour courtesy no-fee dress rehearsal is dependent on availability of the rental space.

When do you accept deliveries?
Deliveries can be made at the start-time of your contract. We ask that all items be picked up on the night of your event. All personal items must be removed by the end of your event. Storage of items overnight for next day pick up will incur an additional fee. All items left on site and not picked up within 48 hours may be donated to our thrift store.

Is parking available?
Yes, we have 70 spaces available on the Edmonds Waterfront Center property. Parking is free and is first-come, first-serve. Please note that this is a City of Edmonds lot that is open to the public and is used by those who access the Edmonds waterfront and beach. Along with street parking, there is additional parking at the Fishing Pier lot one block south of our building at the corner of Dayton and Railroad Avenue. Street parking and the Fishing Pier lot is time limited to three hours and parking is enforced by the City of Edmonds. Valet referral services can be made on request.

Is the Edmonds Waterfront Center accessible?
Yes, the entire facility is ADA accessible to persons with disabilities. Is the Edmonds Waterfront Center open on holidays? Edmonds Waterfront Center is closed on all federal holidays. This includes New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Private event rentals are available at a holiday rate on a case by case basis and may be limited to availability of both venue and catering staff.

Is there any reason the Edmonds Waterfront Center would cancel my reservation?
It is very unlikely that your reservation will be cancelled by Edmonds Waterfront Center. If we do have to cancel, your deposit and any rental fees paid will be refunded. EWC will make every effort to reschedule your event at a mutually agreeable time. However, reservations may be denied or revoked, and all fees forfeit, when an applicant has made any misrepresentation or failed to disclose any pertinent information in connection with the Edmonds Waterfront Center Facility Use Application.

What happens if our event is put on hold from “an Act of God”?
The Edmonds Waterfront Center will make every effort to reschedule your event to a mutually agreeable date and time. All fees and deposits will be transferred over to the new event date. In the event of a cancellation, a refund will be provided less a $500 administrative fee.

May I use the Wedding Circle for my wedding or reception?
The Waterfront Wedding Circle can be rented for an additional fee. The Edmonds Waterfront Center sits on a regional park, which is overseen by the City of Edmonds. Reservations must be made with the City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department for use of the Wedding Circle. A rental application will need to be completed. Anything outside of the Edmonds Waterfront Center including the walkway and parking lot is considered City of Edmonds property.

May I use the Patio area for my event?
The EWC has an outside patio area available for your guests to enjoy, however please note that the patio is in a public use area. If you rent the Wedding Circle, use of the patio space may be cordoned off during the time you are using the Wedding Circle.

May I use the Outdoor Balcony?
Yes, you can the outdoor balcony located on the second floor, in conjunction with rental of the upstairs Multi-purpose Room 1 for your event. The Balcony is available for use until 10PM on weekdays and weekends.