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Responding to the unprecedented aging trend in the population and significant structural issues facing the 55-year-old current building, the Edmonds Senior Center (ESC) is embarking on a $16.5M capital campaign to build a new state of the art, sustainable, model community facility that will serve citizens of all ages. Operating from early until late, the new center will be known as the “Edmonds Waterfront Center” and will be become the true gathering place for young and old.


Public / Private Partnership - The project is a partnership, as envisioned in the City’s Strategic Action Plan (2013), between the City of Edmonds and ESC (a 501c3 nonprofit organization). During weekdays ESC will continue its dynamic and engaging programs for seniors. From 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. the City’s Parks and Recreation Department will offer a range of educational and recreational programs.


Design - The modern, northwest design will take fill advantage of the mountain and water view. Using an open design concept where possible, the building is being designed to offer maximum flexibility for current and future programs. Most spaces will be designed for multiple uses to accommodate different user groups and ongoing program innovation.


Leadership - The project is being led by ESC’s Board of Directors and two of its committees: Building Committee (Chair Tony de Sam Lazaro, a retired Dean of Engineering at St. Martin’s University) and Capital Campaign (Co-Chairs: Gary Haakenson, 3-term Mayor, Rose Cantwell, Past President of ESC and Diane Buckshnis, City Council member). Both committees have attracted remarkable retired and non-retired professionals with needed expertise and experience – engineering, geotechnical, construction, finance, fundraising and marketing.


Beach Restoration and Access - One of the goals of the project is to protect, preserve and enhance the rare waterfront site for community use. The grounds (designated as a regional park) will continue to be owned and managed by the City of Edmonds, who will fund the beach restoration aspect of the project.


If you wish additional information or to become involved contact


Daniel Johnson - Executive Director & Capital Campaign Director,

at 206.293.4823 or email


or Farrell Fleming -  Senior Consultant, at 425.954.2518 or email.


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