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Store Hours:  Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00am-6:30pm

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A percentage of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Edmonds Waterfront Center project.

You will receive a percentage off of your purchase, and you may choose how much you would like to give back as a donation to the new building!






SHOP AT THE POPUP STORE:  186 Sunset Ave, Edmonds, WA 98020

(Salish Crossing)


Regular Store Hours:  Wednesday-Sunday, 11:00am-6:30pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday 


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Special thanks to Raj & Akhil Shah for your support!



Responding to the unprecedented aging trend in the population and significant structural issues facing the 55-year-old building, the Edmonds Senior Center (ESC) has embarked on a $16.5M capital campaign to build a new state of the art, sustainable, model community facility that will serve citizens

of all ages.  The new center will become a true gathering place for all.


We'd like to acknowledge the generous support of the community and individuals for their contribution.

If you would like to make a contribution, you may fill out a pledge form or contact Daniel Johnson at 206.293.4823 or send an email for more information.


Donate by clicking this LINK


You may also donate by mailing a check made payable to


PO Box 717

Edmonds, WA 98020


Capital Campaign - $14.3M raised (updated 11/18/20)


Edmonds Waterfront Center Honor Roll

$4,000,000 +
Rick Steves
Washington State

$1,000,000 - $1,999,000 gifts
John & Gloria Osberg and the Osberg Family

$500,000 - $999,999 gifts
Hazel Miller Foundation

Norcliffe Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999 gifts
C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust

Anne Gittinger, Co-Trustee

   for D & G Charitable Foundation
Erik & Tamara Nelson

$100,000 - $249,999 gifts


Campbell Auto Group

Greg Hoff, Windermere Real Estate  

Alma Ohtomo*

John & Ingrid Osterhaug*

Matthew Prete

Verdant Health Commission

Nancy A. & John W. Zevenbergen, Jr.


$50,000 - $99,999 gifts

Anonymous Board Member

Stephen E. Beck, Jr.

Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation

Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary

Edmonds Rotary - Noon Club

Gregg & LaFon Jantz

Wendy & Mike Popke

Raj Shah

Jack Tawney - Harbor Square Athletic Club

Terry & Lara Vehrs

$25,000 - $49,999 gifts

Alderwood Terrace Rotary

Anonymous Board Member

Bob & Arlene Barley

Caroll Bryan & Laurie Sorensen

Faris Family

Gary & Dolly Haakenson*

Doug & Billie Klan

DV & Ida McEachern Charitable Trust

Margaret & Tom Mesaros*

Tom & Beth Sanger

Seattle Foundation

Tom & Dorothy Sheehan

Diana & Steve White

Young Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 gifts

Kermit & Danna Anderson


Jean & David Barber

James & Margaret Bookey

Jerry & Lois Bookey

Kurt & Cari Campbell

Joanne Chase

Ron & Michelle Clyborne

Sydney & Fran Cohen

E & H Humbly Bumbly Foundation

Kirk & Jackie Greiner

Guy & Nina Hathaway

Daniel Johnson & Elaine Sonntag

Pete & Kathy Kalapaca

Reland Ann Lashbaugh

Bruce & Elaine Nickolson

Dave Page* & Mindy (Tuter) Butterfield

Rock & Maggie Peterson

Steve & Leanne Shelton*

Fred & Mary VanEss

Janet Young*

Joanne Young

$5,000 to $9,999 gifts

Brian albright


Brown Bear Carwash

Diane Buckshnis* & Steve Tholl

Ben & Barbara Cain

Rose Marie Cantwell*

Howard & Judith Chermak

LeeAnn Cochran

WG Clark Construction

Jim & Nancy Crim

Jim & Diane Cutts*

Dewar, Meeks + Ekrem, PC

Lindsey & Carolyn Echelbarger

Miriam Edelstein & Sandra Milton

Patsy Ethridge-Neal*

Candy & Charlie Gaul*

James & Bette Harvey

Harold & Loretta Huston*

Ben & Kathleen Goodwin*

Dave & Maureen Jaffe*

ann Jeffris

Heather & Will Krause*

John McGibbon

Carla & Dean Nichols

Terry & Leanna Olmsted*

Emma & Einar Pedersen

Cheryl Reagan*

Re-Juiced Studio

Donald Ricker

Bob & Sylvana Rinehart*

Bonnie & Ladd Rutherford

Robert & Lindsay Taggart Rutherford

Stephen Schroeder & Cheryl Beighle

Sally & Lee Shobe

Clay Siegall

Mike & Sunny Strong

Tom & Joyce Whitson

John & Lanita Wright

Carl Zapora & Cheryl Foster


$1,000 - $4,999 gifts

190 Sunset

Judith Alexander & Kurt Kunz

American Legion Frank Freese Post #66

Madeline Ancelard
John Andor*

Apex Foundation

John & Carol Austenfeld
Bank of Washington

John Barker

Dick & Pam Beresford

Steve Bernheim* & Susan Bauer

David Brewster & Mary Kay Sneeringer

Budinick Enterprises LLC

Don & Betty Burfitt

Mary Ann & Cliff Cameron


Nora Carlson & Lora Hein

Patricia Cataldo

Cedar Creek Memory Care

Chris Clark

Andrew & Kristen Cline

Al & Anne Compaan

Carol Davis

Louise Davis

Jim & Sandra Distelhorst*

Dave & Susan Earling

Vivian & Paul Egashira*

Environmental Works

Marjorie Fields

Jerry & Lynda Fireman*

Jamie Flaxman

Chris & Nancy Fleck

Al Fleetwood

Julaine Fleetwood*

Farrell Fleming

Warren & Flo Funnell

Forest Gardens LLC

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas*

Janice Freeman*

Beverly Friede

Chuck Fritz* & Karen Wolfe-Fritz

Robert & Mele Fuller

Generous Families of Woodway

Stan Gent

Glenn "Ed" Gordon

Bob & Patricia Gould*

Donald Hall

Carol Hardan

Michael & Laurie Harris

James Hart

Shubert Ho

Jessica Holliday

Kristine Hovde

Albert Huff & Marla Miller

Sally Hyde

Paul & Samm Jaenicke

Donald Jangard

Dave Kaufer

Nancy Keller

Marilyn Kliman*

Eric Klug

Mary A. Knell

Carolyn Kriegel

Norma Kruger Fund

Sandra Lambert

James Lofstrand

Shirley Lovelace*

Phil & Gail Lovell

Magic Toyota

Carol Mannion & John Weiss

Barbara McMartin & Steve Jaeger

Gary & Joanne Nelson

North Sound Church

Janet O'Brien

Gary Olson

Operation Military Family Cares

Robert & Kim Palmer

Joan Poor

David Randles

Rev Mark & Elaine Reitan

Marcia Rizzuto

Mary Ronning

Lynda Russell*

Dave & Judith Rush

John Rutter

David Schaefer* & Pat Moriarty

Don Schmutz

Diana Sheiness & Sam Spencer

Kermit & Carol Sheker

Shooby Doo Catering

David Sizer

Marty Steele

Craig Stewart

Robert & Emily Stipek

Lloyd Swanson

Sam Tay

Pat Thorpe

Mindy Tuter-Butterfield

Fran & John Vanderbeck



$1,000 - $4,999 gifts (continued)

Veterans of Foreign War Post #8870

Washington Women’s Foundation

Ann Wood

$500 - $999 gifts
Deb Anderson

Melinda Beck

Candace Belair

Ann Intlekofer Cade

Trevor Campbell

Gina Chalmers

Linda Clark

Charlotte Coulbert

Mark Craig

Joe Dwyer

Edmonds Ladies Book Club

- in honor of Rick & Donna Bader

Suzanne Eklund

Bob & Ellen Ernst

Fairwinds Brighton Court

Jerry Freeland

Grant & Nancy Gladow

Laura Hall

Bill & Barbara Halseth

Harbor Square Dental

Carrie Hite

Ken Johnson

George Keefe

Landau Associates

Shirley Lovelace*

Barbara Magnuson

James & Maureen Martin

Berrie Martinis & Cliff Woodworth

Mack & Janice Matesen

John McCallum

Kristine McDuffy

Mike & Katharine Meeks

MSHH Donors Closet

Troy Myers

Margaret Naranjo

Einar & Birgit Osterhaug

Barbara Padden & Dave Dalbotten

Ellie Peterson

Strom Peterson & Maria Montalvo

Peggy & Ralph Sanders*

Phil & Sandy Schneider

Herb & Natalie Shippen

Mirel Sinclair

Vivian & Leonard Sparacino

Jim & Denise Stefansson

Jon Stoeser

Elaine Talbot

Peggy Trahar

Torre & Kendra Treece

Roger Tucker

Richard & Monya Van Hollebeke

Wall Group Law

Ron & Shirley Wambolt

Charlotte Williams

Jeff Williams


$1000+ Solar Champions

Brian Albright

Nancy & Kim Anderson

Ronald Anderson

Carol & John Austenfeld

Tana Axtelle

Phil Baechler

- in memory of Paula Gagnier

Marie Baker

Arlene & Bob Barley

Ruth Beckett

Joel Beerman & Anne Lawson-Beerman


Dick & Pamela Beresford

James & Patricia Bloch

Debbie Bodal

Nancy Bodine


David Brewster & Mary Kay Sneeringer

Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Buchholz

Diane Buckshnis*

Ralph Buehlmaier

Ginny & Steve Burger

- in memory of Cliff P. Burger

Mindy Tuter Butterfield

- in honor of Dave Page*

Patricia L. Campbell

Ross & Diane Carey

Nora Carlson & Lora Hein

Larry & Wendy Carpenter

- (with State Farm match)


Steve & Eileen Carter

Will Chen 

Joyce & Jim Clark

Cline Jewelers (Andrew & Kristen Cline)


Michelle Clyborne

Ron Clyborne 

Sidney & Francine Cohen

- in honor or Samuel W. Cohen

Jim Corbett

Leslie Cornish

- in memory of Larry Sargent

Craig Davidson & Nancy Ladwig

Bruce & Mary Davis

Carol Davis


Janan & Richard Dean

Distelhorst Family*

Joe Downs (donation match by Salesforce)

Brian & Mary Duffy


Mim Edelstein

Colleen & Mike Eslinger


Patsy Ethridge-Neal*

Nuom Fariz

Peter & Gail Ferber


Gregory Ferguson


Julaine Fleetwood*

Farrell & Delaine Fleming

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas*

Jerry Freeland


Stan Gent & Susan Morrow

Grant & Nancy Gladow

Carol Gordon


Patricia & Bob Gould*

Sharon & Bill Grader


Gary & Dolly Haakenson*

Donald B. Hall

Jeri Hamilton

Connie Hanson

David & Dorcus Harb


Angela Harris

Michael & Laurie Harris


Judith Hartson

Nancy Hawke

Elise Hegrat

Nancy & Norbert Hertl


Jim & Susan Hewitson 

Carrie Hite

David Hoopaugh & Ardeth Weed

Sally Hyde


Paul & Samm Jaenicke

Daniel Johnson & Elaine Sonntag-Johnson

Larry & Deborah Johnstone

Marthlyn Jones

Pete & Kathy Kalapaca

Eileen Kelliher


Carol Kinney*

Edmund Kirisits & Karen Barnes

- in honor of Edmund Kirisits Sr., 

  Gordon D. Barnes & Brian D. Barnes

  (Contribution matched by Microsoft Corp)

Mark Koehn

Henriecus & Heleni Koeman

Heather & Will Krause*

Jim & Dawna Lahti

- in honor of Vivan A. Olson

Randi Leonetti

James Lofstrand

Shirley Lovelace*


Phil & Gail Lovell

John & Bonnie Magnuson


Thomas Mayer

Nancy McDonald

Chris & Terri McDevitt

Robert & Mary Jean McMahon

Darlene & Richard Miller  

Donald Mohs & Evie Jenner

Heather Moynihan


Marilyn Nadeau 

Bruce & Elaine Nickolson

Ramona Nishimura & David Smatlak

David & Eileen Niven


Alma Ohtomo


Kevin & Mary Ellen O'Keefe

Gary Olson

Sandy Olson


John & Ingrid Osterhaug*

Craig & Teresa Pape


Carol & Mitchell Pearson

J. Ward Phillips ~ 50K Community Match!

Dennis & Edra Piepho

Premier Wealth Washington

David Randles

Cheryl Reagan*

Heidi Renz

Bob & Sylvana Rinehart*

Barbara & David Rood

Dick & Heather Russell

Christian Saether & Mary Sherhart

Ralph Sanders

Beth & Tom Sanger

Robert Scarr

Charles & Gail Schaaf

David Schaefer* & Pat Moriarty

Denise & Rick Schaefer

Kathleen Sears

Pat & Sue Shearer

Diana Sheiness & Sam Spencer

Raj & Ashok Shendure

Mike & Mo Smalley

Sno-Isle Group of the Sierra Club


Len & Vivien Sparacino

Rick Steves

Dr. Gerald & Marjorie Stifler

Robert & Emily Stipek

Dave & Amy Subcleff

Dave & Kathy Teitzel

Steve Tholl

Mark Trumper

Joy & Darryl Ulskey  

John & Fran Vanderbeck

Ed & Cheryl Waale

Vi & Forrest Walls


John Weiss

Anne & Joe Wermus

William Willcock

Rebecca Wolfe & Henry Anderson

Raymond & Vivien Woo


*Denotes current or former Board Member





Ways to Give


Outright gift

Multi-year pledge

Leverage your giving over time

Highly appreciated stock

Added advantage of avoiding capital gains

Real Estate

Must be reviewed by the Executive Committee

Life Insurance 

Must be reviewed by the Executive Committee

Memorial Gift

In memory of a loved one

Gift from your IRA 

If you are 70 ½ years old or older, you can make a gift directly from your IRA.

It may fulfill part or all of your annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your Traditional IRA and it won’t be counted toward your taxable income.

Charitable Distribution Instructions 


Planned Giving 

Talk to your financial planner about including the Edmonds Senior Center in your charitable estate plan. Deferred gift arrangements may include:

·  Charitable gift annuity (or deferred gift annuity)

·  Pooled income fund

·  Charitable Remainder Trust

·  Charitable Lead Trust

·  Bequest

·  Retained Life Estate

·  Insurance


Ask about naming opportunities

Please contact Daniel Johnson at 206.293.4823 or send an email.


Donate by clicking this LINK